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Hearing History whilst making it

Sitting here at MCBG (Music City Bar & Grill) listening to Honky Tonk History stories from Robbie and Garrett (owners of the Wicked Ollie's Vintage Store) and Ernie Reed (former fiddle player for Faron Young, Mel Tillis, Johnny Bush, and Several others) and picking a few on my guitar for them, I figured I would update you on the last couple of days as I prepare for the week ahead as well.

I began my Monday tracking down an open mic over at Tennessee Brew works, but by the time I had gotten there there was already a full list with one on the overflow. So I added my name to the list underneath just in case, not expecting to play but really to get some observation in while a bunch of kids from belmont played their latest renditions. Most were very talented, all of them very passionate, which made for an enjoyable experience. Time ran out as they let the first from the overflow play and I fell just one spot short. But I was honestly surprised it madee it that close.

After speaking with one of the songwriters that had sang earlier he informed me that the commodore has an open mic every night that I should try to go hop on. So I loaded up the scooter and headed that way.

Unfortunately they don't do the open mics on Monday's during football season as to not compete with the Titans, but they were having a songwriter showcase that I was happy to sit and listen to. While sitting there a fellow by the name of Russell Wix sat next to me and struck up a conversation, so I told him who I was and my story and we enjoyed the show as it played along.

After awhile the lady running the soundboard and the show asked Russell if he wanted to hop into the open slot at the end as there was a last minute cancellation. Russell instead yielded his spot to me as I was in from out of town and he frequented the joint. Awesome, How very generous of him. Debbie went ahead and threw both of us on there and I assured her she wouldn't regret the decision.

All night there had been a large group of obnoxious corporate yahoo's at a table next to the soundboard that had been disrespectfully hollering over the songwriter's all night and I knew just the song to bend their attention. RoadRunner.

After quieting the room with my acoustic rendition of the song (don't challenge me to be the loudest in the room, you'll lose every time) Debbie immediately came to the stage handing me a card with a date for this Wednesday and asked for my number to be put on the writers round. Absolutely! "Be an hour early" she stated. So I will be, at least as much.

That was the last song of note for the evening so I headed across the street to The Local where I had met Justin Waylon Spears and Candy Jo a few nights prior just to see what was going on, as I knew that I would be able to find good music there out of the hustle and bustle of Broadway. While sitting at the end of the bar by the water jug a fellow walked up and asked to buy me a beer.

Not being one to turn down another's generosity, I accepted and struck up a conversation with the fellow and his wife. He said "Man we've been sitting over at the Commodore all day and you were the absolute best thing we heard, like by a lot." I humbly thanked him for his kind words and as he was telling me about where he was from, Memphis, the frontman on stage was pulling up different artist from the crowd to sing along. "Why ain't you gettin' up there?" he asked. "Because nobody knows who I am." was my reply. "Well they should." he stated as he got up from his chair and headed straight for the frontman that was standing side stage.

I could tell that the conversation wasn't going in his favor, but he sure was trying. He came back defeated and I assured him that I understood where they other guy was coming from and that it was his stage and ultimately his decision but I appreciated his efforts. Just then I saw a familiar face and excused myself to go see if I was seeing who I thought I saw.

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