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The Heart of Colorado

With the JackWagon running like a brand-new machine we set our course for Buena Vista, CO. We made our first stop at the DeerHammer Distillery to meet with the staff there and see if they had any recommendations on a great place to camp and they directed us to a campground called the Railroad Bridge. Down a long dirt road that passed through some stone tunnels we arrived at the perfect little campground that this place was.

Right by the Arkansas River and by, of course, an old railroad bridge that you could walk out on, due to the railway being decommissioned, nestled in the mountains. It had the minimum amount of amenities that we like (vault toilets) and pretty secluded with just a couple of groups of other campers.

Two campers we met while swimming near the boat ramp that kayakers and whitewater rafters use to get out of the river, Christian and Ian, were a couple of boys from Kansas that like to come out to Colorado to hike the "58-14ers". The 58 peaks in Colorado that exceed 14,000ft in elevation. We spent the evening hanging around their campground singing songs and learning more about this particular area of CO.

The next morning Christian and Ian were off back home and we had to rush Dude to the doctor...

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